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Journey Away — Discover your own magical journey through a fantasy world of untold wonder!  Journey Away sends you and your friends into a wide world of magic and adventure where anything can happen.  Featuring an innovative dice mechanic that lets you tell whatever kind of story is fun for you, Journey Away unshackles fantasy gaming from the long-held assumption that you have to spend all your time slaying monsters in order to have an adventure.  You can get early access, sneak peeks, and more by supporting the designer on Patreon.  Estimated release: December 2018

Rodent Rangers — Are you ready for big adventure with small heroes? Enjoy a light-hearted game of pint-sized action with Rodent Rangers, in which players take on the roles of anthropomorphic mice serving as professional helpers and problem-solvers for those in need. Inspired by classic animated films of the 1990s, Rodent Rangers will be a family-friendly game suited for both nostalgic adults and younger gamers. Kickstarter coming in September. Expected release: June 2019